About Us

About Us

The Trainer

I’ve been training dogs, since 2012. My experience and knowledge is passed down by my father “BOB” who has been professionally training and breeding dogs in Los Angeles since the early 1980’s. I always loved dogs growing up. Which is why I do what I do. It’s a great joy and satisfaction working with people and their loved dogs by helping them gain confidence and helping owners gain control over their dogs.




The Breeder

BOB, started his business in 1980. He started as a dog trainer and later on choose to breed high quality German Shepherds and Rottweilers.

Reason behind this was that he started to notice, people are buying and paying high amount for low quality German Shepherds & Rottweilers with no standards.
Which lacked intelligence, are fearful, not show quality, too big or too small.

In Germany, a dog has to qualify in all 5 categories.
( Beauty, Intelligent, Courage, Height & Weight )

If a dog doesn’t meet these requirements.
They’re disqualified for breeding.
Which results in HIGH QUALITY dogs which serves the purpose in our society.

All the SHEPHERDS & ROTTWEILER we provide comes from German bloodlines. Assuring you that you’re getting the best dog for your family.