Vaccines & Parasite Treatment

Your pup will have had, some, vaccines when you take it home. It should receive three sets of vaccines, spaced three weeks apart. Don’t do four sets, it’s not good for their liver and kidneys. See your vaccine record, that we provided, for dates of previous vaccines and when the next vaccine is due. We can do the second and third vaccines at a reduced rate. The ingredients in each vaccine set, is listed and what medicine was used, for which, internal, parasite. Always treat for internal parasites, each time they are vaccinated. After four months old, the puppy needs to get a rabies vaccine from a vet or vaccine clinic, at a local pet store. You must keep your vaccine records. We don’t keep them after puppies go to your home. If you call me, I will no longer have them. DON’T let your puppy walk in any public place until it’s third set of vaccines are done.

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