Are Guard Dogs Safe With Children?

Some guard dogs which people own, appear to be the same as the typical house pet. They play ball with Dad, wrestle with the kids and stroll the neighbourhood with Mom. From all outward appearances, these dogs are just pets. But when their owners give the command, or when the intruder comes into the home, then you see the other side of these dogs. Then, there are dogs, who by nature, or after special training hate people, children included; These are not for homes. Problems arise when people confuse the two types of dogs. The dogs that hate people sometimes learn to like the hand that feeds them but may even bite them. The house dog that has been properly trained would never be nasty to a family member. Of the forty dogs I own, one lives at my house and will even allow children who are strangers to pull his tail, etc. but should someone break into my house or assault a family member, this family pet turns into a “man stopper”.

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