Your puppy can start learning it’s name, to come when called, and to walk on a leash, right away. Use treats, praise, and a lite leash. To walk on a leash, let the puppy drag the leash around for a day, then pick it up and Coax the puppy to follow you. Teach it to walk on your left side.

Puppies should learn to never walk in the street, sit before crossing a street, and entering or exiting, all doors and gates.

Professional training should start at 3 months old. At that time, your pup can learn to walk, perfectly by your side, without a leash, come when called, immediately, every time, sit and lie down, when told once, and stay for long periods. Few trainers know how to train, with out, a leash. “On-leash” training, will only work, reliably, with a leash attached.

Protection training starts at 8 weeks old. “You” decide how aggressive you want you pup to be, starting at 8 weeks old. Never allow barking at other dogs. If you want your dog to bark at strangers, encourage it, when it does. If you don’t like it, stop it, immediately, when it does. Barking is a prelude to biting.

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