Puppy Housebreaking

Teaching pup to go to the bathroom outside.

There is an EASY way and a hard way. Letting the puppy roam around the house or a room, with pee pads is the HARD way. Doing this is contrary to a dogs natural instinct, to go outside to relieve themselves. This method will eventually fail, with your dog going all over your house. Punishing the puppy for doing, what comes naturally to them, will exacerbate the problem. The EASY way, is to crate the puppy, when you are not holding it, playing with it, giving it your undivided attention or it is outside. A small space, in a divided crate, will cause the puppy to “hold it” until you take it outside. If your puppy cries in the crate, a small stuffed animal helps. Puppies should go out every two hours, at 2 months old, every 3 hours at three months old, every four hours at 4 months old, etc. Some puppies can last thru the nite, if taken out, just before you retire for the nite and then, first thing in the morning. If not, you will need to take it out in the middle of the nite. When playing with the puppy and it starts to circle, sniffing around, it needs to go out. Better to teach your puppy a scheduled time, than waiting for the puppy to decide. Their bodies acclimate to schedules.

Using a corral, in the yard, will teach your puppy to go in a designated area, rather than, all over the yard.

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